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Lakeview Terrace

A waterfront complex situated on Penticton’s glittering Okanagan Lake, Lakeview Terrace is home for some, and home-away-from-home for others. Each of its 40 residential and vacation rental units are spacious and feature top-of-the-line finishings. This gated complex truly has it all — a view of the lake and marina, as well as proximity to golf courses, wineries, shopping, restaurants, and more. 

A heavy load to bear 

The developer of Lakeview Terrace wanted to select an energy system that would attract interest from consumers in the marketplace. The challenge? The size and layout of the suites, some with two to four bathrooms and soaker tubs, called for a large source of domestic hot water. A quick recovery rate was needed to provide sufficient hot water, and needed to be implemented in such a way that would still be cost effective. Furthermore, the developer wanted to leave a positive legacy to the strata and its residents by ensuring that individuals didn’t have to subsidize their neighbour’s energy use across the complex — often a valid concern for developments such as this one. 

Making a quick recovery 

FortisBC recommended natural gas water heaters, fireplaces and appliances to handle the load; as well as in-floor radiant heating systems.

The smaller tanks and faster recovery times provided by the natural gas water heaters let families have simultaneous showers or baths, run dishwashers, and do laundry with a seemingly endless supply of hot water. In addition, individual metering ensures residents pay only for the natural gas they use in their suite — and don’t have to worry about subsidizing their neighbour. 

Built in value

For the developer, the capital cost of implementing the energy solution was significantly reduced through vertical subdivision metering. Electrical engineering requirements to operate the building’s mechanical systems were reduced and less expensive to install. These savings allowed the developer to refocus its resources on the amenities and finishings that would ultimately attract homebuyers. For the homebuyer, natural gas fireplaces and appliances added appeal. 

The FortisBC advantage

What if you could build a state-of-the-art energy system into your next development—without having to carry the cost and the risk? With FortisBC, you can. We used to be Terasen Gas, “the gas company.” Now, as FortisBC, we’re “the district energy system, geoexchange, combined heat and power, electrical generation/ distribution, biomass, biogas and natural gas company.” 

We don’t just design the energy component, we cover up to 100 per cent of the development cost. When you work with FortisBC, we have a stake in the outcome.

And you have more in your budget for the features and capabilities your customers want.

You benefit from industry leaders and energy experts with practical, real-world experience. As well as sharing the load, we help you shape your energy strategy, with knowledge that could help you meet the new provincial greenhouse gas emissions targets and take advantage of available government incentives.  

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