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Wall Paks

​Wall Paks deliver natural gas heating and electric cooling functions from a single in-suite thermostat. Your prospective homebuyers will appreciate the ability to control the comfort in their suite year-round.

Fits seamlessly into your building design

Wall Paks eliminate the need for central HVAC systems, as well as roof top chillers or cooling towers.

The stand alone units have a top supply air discharge that blows heated or cooled air into each room through ducting concealed in each unit’s ceiling.

Housed in small mechanical closets, Wall Paks vent through an outside wall and can fit invisibly into the design of your building.

Selecting the size that best fits your floor plans will reduce excessive heating and cooling within individual suites.

Neighbouring suites are never compromised

Since every wall pak is its own stand alone heating and cooling system, a service call made to one suite to fix a problem won’t affect the functioning of the Wall Paks in any other unit.

Cost savings

Wall Paks require a single natural gas connection and a single vent outlet. These minimalist components allow you flexibility with your system design and installation, ultimately saving you time and money. They also require very little ductwork, further minimizing your costs.

Innovative natural gas solutions, such as Wall Paks, offer purchasers another good reason to buy a home in your development.

Let us show you how we can help build the attraction of natural gas into your next development. Contact an account manager or representative in your region.


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