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Space heating

Space heating

​High efficiency home heating systems really deliver

About 60 per cent of a household's energy costs go towards heating the home. Therefore performance and efficiency are critically important for buyers.

Installing today's high efficiency natural gas furnaces and boilers is a wise investment on behalf of your homebuyers.

Natural gas heating systems provide the ultimate in comfortable warmth. Plus, natural gas heat can be zoned, allowing the homeowner to control individual room temperatures and potentially realize further energy savings.

Research shows homebuyers prefer natural gas as the fuel of choice for space heating equipment.

Consider the environment indoors and out. Using natural gas is an energy conscious and environmentally friendly choice.  It's the cleanest fossil fuel.

Using natural gas for space and water heating reduces demand for electricity and the need to build more generating facilities. This supports the provincial government's goal for electricity self-sufficiency.

Which system is right for your development?