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Important flood information for natural gas and electricity customers

Time updated: 6:37 am (May 13, 2018)

​FortisBC is working with emergency response officials from across the province to address safety concerns following recent flooding. 

We are closely monitoring our natural gas and electric system for potential impacts. Please use caution and keep a safe distance from electrical and natural gas equipment that may have been impacted. Call us immediately if you see any significant concerns.

Current major service interruptions

Power restored at about 3 am. There may be short disruptions as crews continue repairs today.​

Other outages
We recognize the inconvenience to our customers and appreciate their patience as we work to restore power in impacted areas. Please note that there could be intermittent service disruptions as we work to restore power. For updates on all electrical outages, please see the outage map​ for updates.

Service dis​connections 

If you are a FortisBC electricity customer and you feel your system is at risk, you can call us for a service disconnect and we will visit your property to disconnect your service from the nearest source.  

If your site is not accessible, and you have a communicating meter, we can disconnect service remotely. Please be aware that if we disconnect your meter remotely, the service inside your property will be off, but service leading to your premise will still be energized. Always keep a safe distance away.

Service restoration 

If your electrical, gas or heating equipment is subjected to flooding it may become damaged, making it inoperable or unsafe. We will require an affidavit from a Technical Safety BC licensed contractor before we can restore service. 

For the steps to restore electrical and gas service after a flooding incident, see Technical Safety BC’s Bulletin on Emergency Post Flood Protocol for Re-Energizing Electrical and Gas


If you are being evacuated, follow the directions of authorities and do not put yourself at risk. 

Leave your natural gas on. If fire or emergency officials request FortisBC to do so, we will turn off natural gas service as a precautionary measure, or if there is an immediate threat to FortisBC infrastructure.  

If you have time, locate the shut-offs for the electrical panel for your home, and know how to safely shut them off if your area will be flooded. If possible, unplug electrical devices from their sockets and move appliances out of the potential flood path. 

Flood mitig​ation 

Before doing any excavating, trenching or clearing on your property to protect it from flooding or clean up after, be sure to always call BC One Call to get natural gas line location details. When you call, indicate if it’s an emergency situation‎ and you will be provided with further instruction. Call at 1-800-474-6886 or click on

Avoid electrical lines when evacuating and do not go into basements or low-lying structures where water and electricity may be present.  

More in​formation 

For more information about safety in weather emergencies, see FortisBC Flood & Storm Safety​. 

For emergency alerts about the flooding situation, visit EmergencyInfoBC

To contact FortisBC: 

Natural gas emergencies 
Call toll free: 1-800-663-9911 (24 hours) 

Electricity emergencies or power outages 
Call toll free: 1-866-436-7847 (24 hours)