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For the love of laundry lines

by Nicole Bogdanovic
August 4, 2016

Energy efficiency

​When we first distributed laundry lines a few years ago, we were inspired by the positive response from customers.

People of all ages shared their fond memories of laundry lines, their love of the fresh outdoor smell and even their laundry-line inspired photos, poems and artwork. 

For example, did you know there was friendly competition between households to see who could get their whites hung out the earliest on a Monday morning?  

We also learned some great strategies for hanging out laundry. For the more discreet, the best tip by far was to hang your “unmentionables” between rows of sheets and towels.

So, while our intent was to provide a novel way to save energy at home, what we got in return was a great education about the many other benefits of this simple, time-honoured tradition. 

We're very pleased to have our laundry lines to give away again this year. Come see us at a community event in the Kelowna, the South Okanagan or Kootenays, take the pledge to give your dryer the summer off and you could get a free laundry line (while supplies last). Plus you could save about $20 in energy costs* if you use the line for just four months.

And when you’re ready to buy a new clothes washer or dryer, consider an energy-efficient set that qualifies for a rebate through the ENERGY STAR® Appliance Rebate Program.

In the meantime, here's some laundry inspiration from past laundry-line recipients:

​Clothes on the line, they smell mighty fine

by Gisele, Trail customer

Oh clothes on the line, they smell mighty fine
and look so divine, as I sip my chilled wine.
While clothes in the dryer makes me lose all desire
for bills that climb higher, from clothes in the dryer.

My clothesline runs between two fine trees.
A plum and an apple if you please!
At the very far end is a hazelnut tree,
So I never know what is coming back to me!

One thing is certain, I know this for sure.
My clothes on the line smell very pure.
I don't need the softener with perfumes and such,
Windblown clothes have a natural fine touch.

Ode to the Laundry Line

by Sally, Kelowna customer

Oh, laundry on the line,
You smell so fresh to me!
Tis lovely when the sun comes out
And you can hang there free!

And when a breeze is blowing 'round
It makes the sweetest - happy sound
The lovely laundry sings to me
Just like the birdies in the tree!

*Subject can save 139 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity over four months when they hang an average of 1.4 loads of laundry to dry per week instead of using a dryer, assuming the dryer uses 4.45 kWh of electricity per load. Savings of $21.12 is based on the FortisBC Tier 2 conservation rate of 15.198 cents per kilowatt hour as of July 2016.