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Ready, set, lower

by Thomas Gage
November 10, 2016

Energy efficiency

A programmable thermostat is a piece of technology that takes all the guesswork out of heating your home. With winter pursuing its relentless advance and the temperatures soon to be in a free fall, here’s your chance to make a programmable thermostat work for you.

No more heated debates

My wife loves a breezy home. Even in December. There’s nothing more pleasant to her than feeling the frigid finger of winter flowing through the house. I on the other hand love to pretend it’s summer every day. There was a time when she’d strut around like she owned the place (in fact we rented), recklessly cracking windows left, right and centre, inviting BC’s arctic conditions in. As soon as she had her back turned, I would sneak to those cracked windows and as stealthily as a clattering ninja can, slide them shut. Then I’d be at the thermostat cranking that baby, hoping to feel the warm breath of heat before my dearly beloved got [no] wind of my treason.

But I’ve since learned I don’t need to crank the heat to stay warm. My wife and I could program our thermostat to a setting we both found comfortable, a simple habit with the power to warm our cold shoulders and keep our home a cosy haven for both of us. I still get chilly sometimes, but I found a new solution to that problem: another remarkable technology called the sweater.

While you’re away does your thermostat play?

Have you ever left the house forgetting to turn down the heat? Do you remember to adjust the temperature before you go to bed? A programmable thermostat is a great way to automatically manage your home’s heating for when you need it. And by setting it to 17 °C when you’re out and asleep and no more than 20 °C when home and awake, you could save on your heating bill.

Programming it is easy. Models differ somewhat, but with most common ones, there are four main periods in a day you can program independently: wake, leave, return and sleep. So your settings might look something like this:

​Set schedule for: ​Set time for: ​Set temperature at:
​Wake ​6:15 a.m. ​20°C
​Leave ​7:45 a.m. ​17°C
​Return ​5:00 p.m. ​20°C
​Sleep ​10:15 p.m. ​17°C

Even when you program these settings, you can still override them if you decide to head out early or stay home. But the real advantage of the programmable thermostat is you don’t have to think about it every time you leave for work or go to bed. It makes smart energy choices for you.

Save energy

The cold season doesn’t have to be an expensive season. There are many free and low-cost solutions to save money, conserve energy and make your home more efficient. Programming your thermostat is one easy way to keep comfortable throughout the cold of the season and save energy.