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Connecting a business community through tantalizing tasty food

by Joanne Hunton-Sehdev
November 8, 2016

Community investment

Here at FortisBC, we continually look for opportunities to support our customers and strengthen communities in which we serve. I believe an event we recently took part in brought together culture and community through the sharing of food and business information.

Delta Chamber of Commerce President Tom Awery approached me with an idea of FortisBC co-hosting a Chamber After 5 networking event with Tasty Bistro, a well-known Indian restaurant in North Delta. Knowing of the restaurant, I recognised this as a perfect opportunity to support a valued customer, the Chamber (of which we are a member) and connect with the North and South Delta business communities.

We welcomed old and new friends to the event and everyone had nothing but praise for the amazing food served that included Chicken Tikka and Fish Pakoras. Speaking to his guests, Harman, the restaurant’s Manager, said “Natural Gas is the key to cooking good Indian food, it’s low cost and without it we could not produce all the tasty food you are enjoying this evening”. I also had the pleasure of addressing our guests and updating everyone on recent outreach activity and the economic benefits brought to Delta by the Tilbury LNG expansion project.

Read more about Tasty Bistro and the benefits of cooking with Natural Gas.​