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Scam alert

by Amy Bunton
October 27, 2016

Customer service

​Beware of scammers

Got a call threatening immediate disconnection of your natural gas or electricity services? It wasn’t us.

Some of our customers have recently let us know about calls they’ve received from someone claiming to be from FortisBC who threatens to disconnect their service unless they make an immediate bill payment. Customers should be suspicious of calls that threaten immediate disconnection, or request sensitive personal information or payment.

We work closely with our customers to maintain service. We make many attempts to contact and work with customers and will exhaust all options prior to disconnection. If we call you about an overdue account, you won’t be surprised. You will have already received multiple notices including bill messages, automated calls and mailed notices. If we do call you, it will be to set up payment arrangements so we can continue service. And while we do need collect on overdue accounts, we will only interrupt your service if these attempts for payment are unsuccessful.

Suspicious call?

Don’t hesitate to call us.

If it doesn’t seem right, it probably isn't.

If you do get a call like this, take down as much information as you can. This will help us to investigate the matter further.

Never give information to a caller. We will never contact you using any method including email, asking for your credit card numbers, social insurance or similar personally identifiable information. If you are asked for this information, we are not the ones asking. Providing this information to an unverified caller can put you at risk.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre has additional information about how to spot fraudulent activity and how to protect yourself.

We take the security and privacy of our customers very seriously. Customers can be certain they are speaking to a legitimate FortisBC customer service representative if they call FortisBC using a number published on your statements or online. The representative can confirm if the call came from us and help you with any account issues.