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Osprey nest management program

Ospreys breed near fresh or salt water and build bulky stick nests in trees, on poles, platforms and other structures, including utility poles.

Problems that can occur as a result of osprey nest building on live power poles include:

  • power outages due to nest debris falling on power lines
  • fire due to nest debris falling on power lines possibly causing injury or death to ospreys and/or to humans
  • financial costs to FortisBC due to power outages and/or fire

To prevent this from happening, FortisBC has an osprey nest management program in place. Ospreys are actively discouraged from building nests on power poles; when an osprey is observed trying to nest, crews will place orange cones on top of the pole. If the osprey does manage to build a nest on a live power pole, the nest is safely removed and an alternate pole with a suitable nesting platform is provided. Learn more about osprey nest camera.