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School programs

Energy conservation in the classroom

When it comes to teaching British Columbia’s next generation about energy solutions, conservation and safety, as part of their daily lives, the best place to start is in the classroom. That’s why FortisBC takes an active role in BC’s education system through the FortisBC Energy Leaders, Energy is Awesome! and Energy Champions programs.


 FortisBC Energy Leaders


FortisBC’s Energy Leaders supports the development of energy education in BC classrooms, providing high quality, engaging, curriculum-connected resources and programs that highlight the BC energy story and encourage a bias-balanced development of energy literacy in classrooms for kindergarten to grade 10 students (Grade 11-12 coming in 2019).

Currently we have 85 lessons available for kindergarten to grade 10 focusing primarily on Social Studies, Science, English Language Arts, Career Life Education as well as touching on other subjects where applicable.

Here's how FortisBC's Energy Leaders aligns with the new curriculum:

  • inquiry based
  • hands-on learning
  • cross-curricular connection
  • First Peoples principles of learning
  • core competencies
  • teaching strategies and routines

Sign up online for Energy Leaders or email us at


 FortisBC BC Lions Energy Champions


Is saving the environment important to you? It is to FortisBC and the BC Lions. So we got together to help you learn how to save energy at home and at school. After all, when we all work together, we’ll have a better chance at creating a cleaner environment for everyone. That’s even better than a touchdown!

The BC Lions could visit your school

Want a real live BC Lions football player to come visit your school? Our Energy Champions does just that. Players will be visiting 75 elementary schools throughout the lower mainland, Vancouver Island, the Interior and Northern BC this year and they’ll be talking to K – 7 students about the importance of environmental responsibility and being an Energy Champion. 


Jason Arakgi makes a conservation touchdown

​Jason Arakgi shows kids how to score energy savings

When he moved to BC after being drafted by the BC Lions in 2008, Ontario native Jason Arakgi felt like he’d stepped into Jurassic Park. “I was star struck when I saw the forest and how big everything was. I have a great appreciation for the outdoors and wilderness,” said Jason.

Almost seven years later, the popular linebacker has made BC his home year round and found an opportunity to combine his love for football with his two other passions, public speaking and the environment.

Jason gets one of the kids involved in an Energy Champions presentation.

That opportunity is the FortisBC Energy Champions. For the past six years, FortisBC has worked with BC Lions players to get elementary school students across the province excited about energy and water conservation. They do it with a fun, interactive presentation filled with games and activities. Jason has been with the program since the beginning.

I got the chance to chat with Jason when he and Sean McGarva, BC Lions’ senior coordinator of community relations dropped by the FortisBC office for a visit.

Jason shares his football knowledge with me. I'm shocked I actually caught the ball. Must've been the great teacher.

I admit I was pretty nervous about meeting the star football player. I can install a toilet or insulate a room, but can’t kick a ball for the life of me. Jason put me at ease, though. After some introductions, we exchanged ideas—I told him about our rebates on high-efficiency appliances and he gave me some football tips—Jason beamed when I asked him why he got involved in the Energy Champions program.

“This program was perfect for me,” said Jason. “When I’m speaking to the kids, I’m not just reading something rehearsed, I’m speaking about something I care deeply about.”

Jason at an Energy Champions presentation.

The overall message Jason says he wants to leave the kids with is to switch or turn things off when they don’t need it. Jason added that he realizes how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful place and he wants to impart to the kids how it’s everyone’s duty to make sure it stays that way.

Even the kindergarteners get in on the action with the Clothes Crunch, a race to put on as many layers of clothes as they can while running an obstacle course. “The activity shows the youngsters there are different ways to keep warm other than turning up the heat,” said Jason.

Jason added that while for the kids the presentation focuses on protecting the environment, he knows the teachers watching are thinking about practical things, like utility bills. So he makes sure to tell the kids about activities like washing laundry in cold, turning off electronics and turning down the heat will help their parents save money.

Yes, I know how to program a thermostat, but I let Jason show me how anyway.

Sean told me how important it is for the Lions to be connecting with their community, especially engaging with youth. “Working with FortisBC means a great deal to the BC Lions. The Energy Champions program allows us to interact with the kids and provide an educational and positive message,” said Sean.

Jason and Sean with the coveted FortisBC socks.

We ended the visit with an official presentation of our FortisBC Energy efficiency. Good for smaller footprints. socks. As for my football skills after a lesson from a pro? Jason was very kind, but I think I better stick with hammers and drills.

If you’re interested in signing up your school for a FortisBC Energy Champions presentation, contact Tyler Gammon at


 Energy is Awesome!


​FortisBC Public Safety Ambassadors visit schools and children’s community groups throughout the year to deliver an interactive presentation designed to educate kindergarten to grade 7 students about natural gas and electricity safety and conservation.