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Statement of Aboriginal Principles

FortisBC is committed to building effective Aboriginal relationships and to ensure we have the structure, resources and skills necessary to maintain these relationships.

In order to meet this commitment, the actions of the company and its employees will be guided by the following principles:

  • FortisBC companies’ acknowledge, respect and understand that Aboriginal Peoples have unique histories, cultures, protocols, values, beliefs and governments.
  • FortisBC supports fair and equal access to employment and business opportunities within FortisBC companies for Aboriginal Peoples.
  • FortisBC will develop fair, accessible employment practices and plans that ensure Aboriginal Peoples are considered fairly for employment opportunities within FortisBC.
  • FortisBC will strive to attract Aboriginal employees, consultants and contractors and business partnerships.
  • FortisBC is committed to dialogue through clear and open communication with Aboriginal communities on an ongoing and timely basis for the mutual interest and benefit of both parties.
  • FortisBC encourages awareness and understanding of Aboriginal issues within its work force, industry and communities where it operates.
  • To achieve better understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal culture, values and beliefs, FortisBC is committed to educating its employees regarding Aboriginal issues, interests and goals.
  • FortisBC will ensure that when interacting with Aboriginal Peoples, its employees, consultants and contractors demonstrate respect, and understanding of Aboriginal Peoples’ culture, values and beliefs.
  • To give effect to these principles, each of FortisBC's business units will develop, in dialogue with Aboriginal communities, plans specific to their circumstances.