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Natural gas. Good for BC.

Natural gas is an affordable and versatile energy source that’s been a part of BC for more than a century.

It was part of the province when Stanley Park first opened in 1888 and when the first PNE was held at Hastings Park in 1910. St. Paul’s Hospital said hello to natural gas in 1957. More recently, natural gas fuelled the Olympic cauldron for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

That’s energy at work

Natural gas is part of our everyday lives – heating our homes and water, cooking meals, drying clothes – and helping you save on energy costs.

It fuels fleet vehicles and ferries, and contributes to the local economy. As one of the cleanest-burning fossil fuels available, it will also help British Columbia meet its future emissions reduction targets. As does renewable natural gas, a locally sourced sustainable energy offered to homes and businesses.

Every day, we’re using an abundant resource to drive our economy, create local jobs and keep your energy costs low. See the benefits and cost savings natural gas offers homes, businesses and industry.



​Natural gas. Good for BIG savings.

As other energy costs continue to rise, natural gas has remained the affordable option for a decade now. Do you know what your daily energy use costs? You might be surprised.​


​Natural gas. Good for BC video series.

Watch our video series to find out how we use natural gas every day, how it benefits the province and provides solutions for the future. ​


​Natural gas. Good for local business.

Natural gas is an affordable option for businesses in BC. It contributes to your customer experience and helps save on operating costs. Do you have a story to share?​

Share your natural gas story with us, using the hashtag #gasisgood. 


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