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Natural gas. Good for BIG savings.

Less than a latte

Did you know the average BC homeowner pays less than a latte for the natural gas they use at home for one day?1 Natural gas is the affordable option when it comes to home and water heating.

In fact, heating your home and water consumes a whopping 78 per cent of the total energy used in your home.2 But with natural gas space heating equipment up to 98 per cent efficient, you’ll see BIG savings when you compare natural gas to other types of energy choices.

The following graph compares the average annual cost to heat a home in Metro Vancouver using natural gas, electricity or a renewable natural gas blend of 10 per cent (renewable natural gas from FortisBC is a locally produced, sustainable energy source offered to homes and businesses).

Lower Mainland  


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1 Estimated cost of natural gas/per day is approximately $2.13. Natural gas usage and costs are averages based on the FortisBC rates as of January 1, 2017 for a residential customer in the Lower Mainland based on a sample annual bill of 90 gigajoules (GJ) for a year. Costs include fixed daily charges and all applicable levies and taxes including carbon tax. Actual consumption and costs may vary. 

2 Source: Natural Resources Canada, Office of Energy Efficiency, Comprehensive Energy Use Database, residential sector, BC, Table 2: Secondary Energy Use, 2012.

3 These are approximate annual costs for space heating of a typical household in specific FortisBC and BC Hydro service areas as identified. A typical household is defined as an existing single family house approx. 2,300 square ft. with average insulation. Anticipated savings will be the difference between annual natural gas, electricity, heating oil or propane costs for various heating equipment. Calculations compare the most energy-efficient heating equipment currently available for natural gas furnace heating, electric resistance heating, oil furnace heating and propane furnace heating, and are based on FortisBC natural gas rates as of January 2017, FortisBC electricity rates as of January 2017 used for Southern Interior, BC Hydro electricity rates as of April 2016 used for Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Whistler and Northern Interior, and heating oil and propane rates as of July 2016. These include applicable carbon tax. Savings may vary by household and do not include potential rebates and/or incentives.

Calculate your savings

Our home energy calculator helps you make informed energy choices for your home. Calculate the approximate annual costs of operating your appliances. Or compare the estimated costs of various space and water heating systems using different fuels.

Rebates and tips to help you save

Take advantage of our energy efficiency rebates for homes and businesses. Whether you’re building new, renovating or upgrading appliances, we offer a variety of programs to suit your energy needs. And, check out our easy energy-saving tips for homes and businesses too.

Want to enjoy BIG savings but don’t have natural gas?

Find out if natural gas is available at your location and get a cost estimate instantly with our new online tool. You can also request and schedule your installation.



​Natural gas. Good for local business.

Natural gas is an affordable option for businesses in BC. It contributes to your customer experience and helps save on operating costs. Do you have a story to share?​


​Natural gas. Good for future solutions.

We offer a variety of energy solutions to BC customers. From industry-leading energy efficiency programs to our innovative renewable natural gas program – customers have choices they need today and want for tomorrow.​


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