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Integrated pest management

​Pest management initiatives help improve the safety and reliability of our natural gas systems and help reduce the spread of noxious weeds, invasive plants and other pests. We have standards and guidelines in place to achieve safe, effective and environmentally sound pest management throughout our service area.

Pest management plans

Select from the links below to review our pest management plans (PMP):

About integrated pest management

Integrated Pest Management principles are incorporated into our strategy for managing noxious weeds, invasive plants and other pests that may adversely impact infrastructure such as natural gas pipeline rights of way.

Learn more about Integrated Pest Management

​Integrated Pest Management is a process for managing pest populations and includes:

  • planning and managing ecosystems to prevent organisms from becoming pests
  • identifying pest populations and potential pest populations
  • monitoring populations of pests and beneficial organisms, damage caused by pests and environmental conditions
  • using injury thresholds in making treatment decisions
  • suppressing pest populations to acceptable levels using strategies based on consideration of biological, physical, cultural, mechanical, behavioural and chemical controls in appropriate combinations and environmental and human health protection
  • evaluating the effectiveness of pest management strategies

Pest management plans are required to ensure:

  • legal accountability with the provisions of the Integrated Pest Management Act and all applicable federal, provincial and regional laws and regulations
  • the responsible use of pesticides
  • the incorporation and use of Integrated Pest Management principles
  • public awareness of, and input into, our pest management programs
  • the effective use of an integrated pest management program takes into account environmentally sensitive areas and land uses
  • there is continued investigation into alternative methods of pest management


If you have questions or comments about our pest management plans, please call us toll free at 1-888-224-2710 or email