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Water heaters

Most Canadian homes heated with natural gas also use gas for their domestic hot water supply. It makes sense - and saves money!


An efficient way to heat your water

Hot water heaters are the second-largest energy user after space heating. Depending on the number and type of people in your household, hot water consumption may account for more than 20 per cent of your total annual energy consumption.

The energy factor

Efficiency of water heaters is measured as an "energy factor" or the amount of heat needed to heat water piped by the amount of energy to produce the heat. The higher this number, the more efficient the heater. The number can be increased with better insulation and refined design.

To determine the energy factor for a particular water heater, read the manufacturer's manual or speak to your retailer.

Gas water heaters are covered by federal and provincial efficiency standards.


 ENERGY STAR® Water Heater Program


Get a rebate up to $1,000 for installing a new ENERGY STAR water heater.

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