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Account information
Your name, service address of the meter(s) being billed, account number and rate class appear in the top left corner of your bill.
Amount due
This shows the amount due and due date for payment. Your bill is mailed to you monthly, approximately 21 days before payment is due. Overdue accounts with a balance greater than $15 will have a 1.5 per cent per month late payment charge applied.
Basic charge
This is a fixed flat daily fee that partially recovers the fixed cost of our system and service, regardless of whether any gas has been used or not.
Billing summary
This shows all charges for this billing period, payments since the last billing period, adjustments and loan charges (if applicable).
Commodity charge
The cost of the fuel used in operating your gas appliances and heating equipment.
Comparison to previous year
The chart shows a comparison of your current month's bill to the same month last year.
Cost of gas used / Energy charge
This is the combined charge for providing the commodity and delivering the gas you've used, per gigajoule.
Current charges
This includes the energy charge, the delivery charges and appropriate taxes. The energy charge is based on rates set and regulated by the British Columbia Utilities Commission.

This program allows residential customers in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, Interior and the Kootenays (excluding Fort Nelson and Revelstoke) to choose who they purchase their natural gas from – FortisBC or a natural gas marketer. 

Delivery charge
This is the charge for delivering gas through the FortisBC pipeline system to your home or business. It is in addition to the monthly basic charge and is calculated on a per gigajoule basis.
Equal Payment Plan

The Equal Payment Plan looks at your historical usage and divides your annual total into 12 instalment payments. Instalment amounts are reviewed every three months and may be adjusted up or down to reflect changes in your gas usage or gas rates.

Gas usage calculation
This measures the volume of gas you've used over this billing period. It lists your current meter reading, and subtracts your previous meter reading. The volume is multiplied by the conversion factor to give your gas usage in gigajoules.
A gigajoule (GJ) is a measure of the energy in the gas. One GJ is roughly the amount of energy needed to heat a typical house for one day during cold winter weather. You pay for the gas you consume, measured in gigajoules.
Midstream charges
This refers to charges that appear under the commodity charges, and include costs paid by FortisBC to other companies who store, transport and help manage the gas we deliver to our customers. In regions where Customer Choice is available, midstream charges are broken out, making it easier to compare the commodity charge per gigajoule with rates offered by natural gas marketers.
Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

With the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan, the amount due is automatically withdrawn from your bank or other financial institution on the payment due date. 

The current amount you're paying per gigajoule (GJ) for natural gas.
Remittance stub
If you receive a paper bill and either mail your payment or pay in person at your financial institution, please include the remittance stub. If you access your bill online, it does not include a remittance stub and cannot be used for in person payments.
The total amount due for the gas consumed this billing period.