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Osprey nest camera

Watch live video of an Osprey nest outside of Kelowna. The nest was relocated as part of FortisBC’s Osprey nest management program in 2007 and Ospreys generally return to the same nest each year.  



Nest news​ 2013
September 9, 2013 ​Storm is last spotted in the nest. With fall here, the family is making its annual migration south. Thank you to all our viewers and please back here in early spring 2014 to see the Osprey return to their nest.
September 4, 2013 ​The male (“Dad”) is last spotted in the nest.
September 1, 2013 ​The female (“Mom”) has appeared to have migrated for the season. Females usually migrate before their male counterparts, and arrive back in the spring a week weeks after the male.
August 6, 2013 ​Storm fledges 54 days after hatching! Fledging is when young birds are grown enough for flight, usually in seven to nine weeks.
July 14, 2013 ​At three to four weeks, Osprey begin to exercise their wings by gripping the side of the nest with their feet and flapping their wings. Storm is now starting to exercise his wings-we are excited to see his first flight attempt!
July 4, 2013 ​Only one chick hatched. Named Storm by his online fans because he arrived after a heavy rainstorm, the chick continues to thrive.
​June 20, 2013 ​Dedicated to providing for the family, a male Osprey does all the hunting (fishing) for food until young chicks can hunt for themselves, usually at about six weeks. The female Osprey stays in the nest, breaking off pieces of the fish to feed to the chicks – you will see this happening a lot in these early weeks!
​June 14, 2013 ​The first chick hatched! Chicks are usually brooded by the mother for about 10 days, when they become too big to fit under the mother.
​May 13, 2013 ​Three eggs were spotted in the nest this morning.
​May 9, 2013 ​A second egg has been sighted in the nest! Eggs are typically laid about three days apart, so this one was right on schedule!
​May 6, 2013 ​The first egg has been seen in the nest! Incubation (done entirely by the mother except for when she leaves to feed) starts when the first egg is laid, and lasts about 34-40 days. Estimated time of arrival this year is the second or third week of June!
April 19, 2013 ​The Osprey have returned to their nest a few weeks early this year - we’ll be streaming them live throughout the season for the 5th time!
Nest news​ 2012
August 14, 2012 ​All three osprey fledglings left the nest together for the first time and are now coming and going.
June 18, 2012 Three chicks hatched during the week of June 11.​
May 15, 2012 Three eggs have been spotted in the nest. Egg incubation typically takes between five and six weeks and although females do most of the incubation, the male has also been spending some time “babysitting.”​
May 9, 2012 The Osprey are staying busy! Two eggs have been sighted in the nest.​
May 7, 2012 One Osprey egg has been sighted in the nest.​
April 19, 2012 The Osprey have returned from their southern migration and have been sighted in the nest.​
Nest news​ 2011
September 30, 2011 With fall here, the Osprey are beginning their annual southern migration and are expected to return next spring. Thank you to all our viewers and please check FortisBC’s website in early spring to see the Osprey return to their nest. ​
August 16, 2011

The young Osprey have fledged the nest. Fledging is when young birds are grown enough for flight, usually in seven to nine weeks.

Unfortunately, yesterday one of the juvenile Osprey was found deceased on the ground near the nest. It is not uncommon in nature for fledging birds to be unsuccessful in their first attempts at flight. We suspect the young Osprey was not successful at flying on its own.

At least one of the remaining juveniles was spotted returning to the nest. The young Osprey will continue to receive regular feedings.​

June 20, 2011 The family is growing! The proud mama and papa have three new additions to the nest.​
May 30, 2011 ​The Osprey have been busy! Three eggs spotted in the nest.
​May 12, 2011

​Two Osprey eggs have been sighted! In case you were wondering, here are some quick facts about Osprey and their eggs:

  • Ospreys may lay one to four eggs
  • egg incubation time takes around 36-42 days
  • females do most of the incubation
  • males bring food to the nest
​May 3, 2011 ​The Osprey have returned to the nest and the camera has begun streaming live video.

Why FortisBC has an Osprey nest program

The Osprey nest management program is part of FortisBC’s commitment to environmentally-responsible business practices. FortisBC protects Osprey by actively discouraging nest building on energized power poles and by removing Osprey from live poles to pre-constructed nesting platforms on poles installed nearby.

FortisBC’s success with the program has seen more than 40 poles installed throughout the service territory. The program protects birds from electrocution and improves electrical safety and reliability. Birds nesting on energized poles can damage the electrical equipment, causing power outages or fire when nest debris falls on power lines.

More about Ospreys

To learn more about Ospreys check the Government of Canada’s website called Hinterland Who’s Who.